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Lithe Audio All-In-One 6.5″ Bluetooth Ceiling speaker is ideal for Retrofits

The men over at TECH4 sent us this Lithe Audio Bluetooth ceiling speaker to inspect out. We’ve got a ceiling for it in mind, however won’t be able to set up it for a while yet, so we set it up on the bench in the meantime to total our evaluation of this fascinating device.

O que é isso?

This is an all-in-one system that combines an amplifier, Bluetooth receiver as well as a speaker. It’s 230mm broad by 97mm deep as well as includes a high quality 6.5″ Kevlar / Polypropylene woven cone woofer with a 0.75″ Titanium cone tweeter.

The onboard Bluetooth is v5 (up to 30 metres range) as well as utilizes the aptX low latency chipset. This means, unlike some less expensive options, you can utilize it for viewing videos without the photo as well as noise being method out of sync. It can keep in mind 2 gadgets however the very first should disconnect before the second one can connect.


There’s a paper pattern included in the box, assisting you to mark out the needed 210mm cut out in your ceiling. The 4 canine leg grips then swing round as well as tighten down with a screw chauffeur to hold it in place.

If you’ve got a mains socket somewhere in your loft you can plug its included power supply (DC24V / 2.5A) directly in. if not then you ought to be able to cable it into a illumination circuit, ceiling increased or other junction box instead (always speak with an electrician / a terminate hood may be required).

There’s likewise a connector to connect an extra passive slave speaker as well as a mono / stereo switch to choose one or 2 speaker setup. The volume switch enables you to choose between full as well as 50% power, helpful if you’re installing in your teenager’s bedroom

Finally the paintable, low profile (3mm) grill snaps onto the speaker magnetically, that’s a good touch. If you want a speaker for your restroom then make sure to select the upgraded IP44 design (around £30 more).

Em uso

In my experience great deals of ceiling speakers have a tendency to noise tinny as well as weak.

But the on-board amp offers ample power to drive this speaker loud. as well as even without the advantage of being in its ceiling enclosure (and while it’s impossible to communicate accurately like this), ideally the bit video clip below provides an perception of the excellent bass…

The pleasing noise smacks of a much more costly configuration as well as is even much better than the Sonos configuration we had in the restroom of our last house.

The little blue power as well as condition LED is visible with the grill as well as there’s even a bit sticker included in the box to block this light if that annoys you. eliminating the grill likewise provides gain access to to the reset button, ought to you requirement to remove the Bluetooth system down.

The amplifier autodetects an input on the RCA connection, so if you have a restroom TV wired to it for example, it will work without any type of even more action from the user.

Another excellent choice is to link the speaker to Amazon Echo dot or Google, either through the RCAs or Bluetooth, to provide your voice assistant a new deeper voice as well as make their music noise a great deal better.

The system is expandable as well as well as the pink as well as eco-friendly connections above the RCAs are for the Lithe-Link which can be utilized to cable a number of speakers together…

For larger or open plan spaces the Lithe-link function will enable you to link as much as 3 master speakers as well as their passive/slaves as well as play audio from all the speakers at once.


Rating: 5 out of 5.

The all-in-one benefit coupled with the high quality audio implies you can’t get much much better than this Lithe Audio configuration for a retro-fit situation. I’ve just recently seen this extremely system suggested by much more than one expert customized installer in on the internet forums as well which is likewise a great sign.

So whether you want Spotify in the kitchen, audio books in the youngsters bedroom or you utilize your laptop to view films with excellent bass in the bath, then checkout the function packed, expandable Lithe Audio All-In-One 6.5″ Bluetooth Ceiling speaker offered agora.

litheaudio.com : offered from TECH4

Audio Specs

RMS Power: 50W RMS
Impedance: 8 Ohms
Sound high quality THD+N 0.009%, 55Hz-20kHZ
Sensitivity (1W/1m): 90dB
Audio sample Rate: 8Khz
Digital class D Amplifier

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